Building a deck – where do you start?

By November 9, 2016DIY

Building a deck or patio? Where do you start?  So you’ve decided to create a new outdoor entertaining area, build or extend your deck or put a patio roof on.

Well where do you start? Who do you talk to?

There are many things to consider and we are often asked where do we start and what’s the process?  Do your research and start by talking to the local council with your Lot and Property ID ready and find out where amenities come onto your block such as sewer, water, power and phone.

Ask what the setbacks (the distance between your house/carport to the boundaries) are for free standing and permanent structures from each boundary.

Also ask what a possible relaxation may reduce this to.  Setbacks are commonly 6 metres back from the boundary. A relaxation may permit you to build closer to the boundary.

There’s a great (and free) service to help your research “Call before you dig” and it’ll tell you where sewer, water, hydrants and man holes near or in your property are, plus the Telstra and Energex connections.

Once you have this information you’ll get a sense of what you can do and helps to save time. After all it’s terribly disheartening to fall in love with an idea – only to find out it’s not allowable. This information will also help your builder, architect or designer to offer sound advice.
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