Patios & Portico Roofs

A patio roof means that you can use your deck or patio area in any weather, not matter how hot or cool the temperature gets. You have a few options when deciding on the patio roof whether go for a conventional roof or a fly over roof. A good design ensures that the patio roof deflects heat and its shape is able to withstand strong winds. Either with rafters exposed or covered, a Patio Roof is a must have in Queensland.

With the arrival of warm weather clients are thinking more about their outdoor patio space. We often get asked about different style of patio roofs. Essentially there are three main patio roof styles that come in varying designs to choose from.

Flat patio roof

A flat or skillion roof looks flat but is actually mounted on a slight angle to allow water drainage. When compared to other roofing options, flat roofs are simpler in design, require less materials and less labour. That in-turn means a lower, more cost-effective price.

Flat roofs can be installed as a roof for your patio, or as a roof for carport. They can be built free standing or to be incorporated into existing structures. They can even be made to integrate with gable and curved roofs.

Because there are no valleys or slopes to keep clean they are lower maintenance.

One disadvantage of a flat patio roof can be trapped heat. They can get hot as air tends to get trapped especially if one end is closed off by a side of the house.

Fly over patio roof

More popular these days for their suitability to QLD weather and modern style. With elevated cover they are well ventilated.

Modern, expansive design. These patio roofs are becoming more and more popular not only for ventilation but for the feeling of space they create – even in small patios. Just as high ceilings create the illusion of space in small rooms. One big advantage is that they can completely transform an ordinary home design.

Gable patio roof

Gable roofs have a distinctive triangular design featuring two pitched roofing panels. This classic look integrates well with older homes such as the classic Queenslander – but not limited to. They can be practical and versatile for both patios and carports. As patios they create adequate space and as carports, they’re ideal for storing large vehicles, boats or caravans. Gable roofs can be made freestanding or attached to existing structures. They can also be integrated with a flat roof system.

Insulated patio ceiling

All roofs can be insulated both for cooling and heating and for noise. If you opt for a low, flat roof then you may want to consider this option because rain on a Colorbond roof can be incredibly noisy.

Patio roof materials

Insulated Patio Roof

A closed in insulated patio roof allows you to install down lights and becomes an extension of the room the roof comes off.

Colorbond Patio Roof

Colorbond steel patio roofing is commonly used on house roofs for it’s durability, longevity and it is flexibility allowing all you to create almost any shape that you desire. Colorbond also has 20 designer colours to choose from.

Polycarbonate Patio Roof

This type of roof is popular because it lets in the light while reflecting away heat and harmful UV rays, making the patio very comfortable during the hot QLD days.

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