Pool Decks

Pool decks are ideal in timber because it frames and softens the look of your pool. You can create almost any shape and we have many designs that will compliment your pool area and add extra useable space around your pool. Decks can either butt up to the pool coping pavers or even hang over the edge for a more resort feel to your pool area.

Treated pine or hardwood? Seems an age old question that we are often asked by clients on decking projects. Essentially it comes down to your preference.

Treated Pine: A lightweight wood in weight and in colour, easy to carry and work with and is cheap to supply. On the downside it is prone to noticeable warping after it expands and cracks following wet to hot conditions so it’s not the best material for a deck. Left natural, after a while it becomes a weathered grey shade. It can also be stained in a range of colours if you prefer.

Hardwoods: A heavier duty wood with a deeper reddish colour, has less knots and much less likely to warp from the elements. In terms of cost, hardwood is more costly initially than treated pine but pays off due to its natural durability. Aesthetically it looks great and what we recommend first for decks.

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